Fairy Parties

The children enter the bus and are helped into their                                            costumes  in the change area.  The birthday girl is                                              dressed in a special Fairy Princess Costume.

The curtain is then pulled back and they get their                                                      first glimpse of the magical Fairy Dell.

After sitting on the custom cushions they enjoy a party feast while the hostess reads a story and chats about fairies.

While the feast is cleared away, the children hunt for miniature fairy ponies, unicorns or dragons.  Each child is given a special box to decorate to take their ponies or dragons home in.

The children then create their own fairy wants which they also take home.

A game of pass the parcel follows where everyone gets a treat and one lucky child receives an awesome gift.

A magical group photo is taken which the birthday child takes home in a special frame as a reminder of their special day.

The lights are then dimmed to bring the fairies out so the children get to see them and get a fairy kiss.

The costumes are removed and each child is given a loot bag containing their treasures, chocolate and a glass vial of glow in the dark fairy dust.

The birthday girl then receives a special gift as a reminder of the special day.

Age range 5 - 8 yrs old

Maximum number 8 children including the birthday child.